Why use a rapid prototyping model?

Our Rapid prototyping services create rapid prototyping models for testing fit, form and function, using technologies such as Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) Machining. Rapid prototyping services are helping change the face of business. The benefits of rapid prototyping models are clear:

* You save money. Using rapid prototyping services will greatly reduce design iteration, production and tooling costs. Having a tangible model or physical prototype available for quotes also greatly improves a quote's accuracy.

* You save time. You can turn an idea into a prototype in days with rapid prototyping. What previously took months now takes only days, so that finding errors, making design improvements and analyzing the end product is possible while you speed your product to market.

* You can test your product. Use rapid prototypes in focus groups, compare with other parts for compatibility and conduct performance tests efficiently and quickly using rapid prototyping.

* You can catch errors earlier. Save thousands of dollars by discovering costly errors before the product goes into production with the help of a quality prototype.

* You improve product design. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a prototype allows you to create an inexpensive tangible model for design evaluation, as well as form, fit and function studies.

* It helps you sell the product. Add impact to a proposal with a tangible, physical model. Rapid prototypes also allow your sales team to pitch new products before they're manufactured.

* You can do a short run. With rapid tooling, you can manufacturer short-run injection-molded parts to fit your low-volume needs. With high-speed milling, the rapid tools are accurate, fast and cost effective. These tools can produce several thousand parts.

Rapid Prototypes
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