Factory Auditing

Given a list of potential suppliers, we can establish their suitability to meet your requirements. An assessor will be sent to evaluate the company and typically report on the following:

* Condition / layout of the factory
* Quality control systems
* Continuity of material supplies
* Suitability of work patterns and capacity to meet demand over the contract period
* Suitability of labour including skills and humanitarian responsibility
* Soundness of business
* Details of the production process

First-off inspection

Using samples provided by you, our auditor will visit the manufacturer to check that the quality and finish is to your specification. Any discrepancies found will be reported to you and we will either ask if you could accept these differences or ask the manufacturer to correct and supply to the original specification.
Initial production monitoring

An inspection of the first production run, reviewing the whole process from raw materials to finished product. Quality control of the product is monitored and a record kept for future comparison. The quality of the finished product including packaging (if relevant) is then compared to samples supplied by you or an authorised source.
Follow-up process monitoring

During the contract period the inspector will verify that the quality is maintained by monitoring the various stages of manufacture based on the agreed process. This can either be a continuous or periodic process. If required, a report will be emailed or faxed to you daily during the course of the manufacture.


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